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Dr Grinstead On When Does Pain Management Become Drug Seeking Behavior

Dr Grinstead On When Does Pain Management Become Drug Seeking Behavior

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http://www.freedomfromsufferingnow.com – In this video Dr. Grinstead discusses the term “Drug Seekers” or “Med Seekers” regarding people with chronic pain who start developing medication management issues. He also talks about this and the “war on pain patients” mentality that currently exists is really hurting a lot of people suffering with chronic pain. To learn more please check out Dr. Grinstead’s Freedom From Suffering NOW Blog at the link below.


To learn more about Dr. Grinstead’s method of working with chronic pain and coexisting disorders including addiction please check out his December 2014 Addiction-Free Pain Management Certification School at the Freedom From Suffering NOW “Live Workshops and Training Page” at the link below.


To check out Dr. Grinstead’s publications go to the link below.


DrStephen Grinstead

  • Sara Walsh
    Posted at 18:24h, 06 December

    There needs to be other options than narcotics. There are too many people on high dose narcotics doing nothing else to solve their problems but pop a pill.

  • Off With Your Head Peasant!
    Posted at 18:24h, 06 December

    hello doc! I have been in this situation, I have many health problems, and unfortunately I am in a small rural town, with no other options. brain tumor, multiple sclerosis and gastroparesis , just to name a few, I went from regular medicines, to liquid pain meds. I am tpn dependant and cannot swallow pills, and the liquids are not being absorbed. I have no quality of life now because not one doctor will take over my PCA. I have tried everything else from acupuncture to botox injection, massage therapy, hbc oxygen and no relief. I am already planning on dying because I can't get the help I need. all because of the people who abused these doctors and used their kindness. what a world, where the fakers get better treatment than the girl with unfortunate circumstances, I sew quilts and blankets and make wedding dresses , and I will not be doing it much longer because of the pain. I also have my nursing degree but can't use it.

  • blindlemon9
    Posted at 18:24h, 06 December

    You are only able to speculate that pain patients who show aberrant opioid, benzodiazepine, or carisporidol use behavior are merely acting in that manner because their pain is not adequately treated. It is unmitigated self-delusion to convince yourself that many or most patients that are unusually focused on obtaining more and more controlled drugs are innocently seeking pain relief. The history of the term and concept of "pseudo-addiction" is about as biased, greed-driven, and unscientific as one could imagine. One pain specialist who was working closely with drug companies to come up with a legitimate-sounding reason, apart from drug abuse and addiction, to explain the long list of illegal and unethical techniques used by opioid medication abusers to score more and higher doses of strong opioids, often from numerous doctors. The elegant and, prima facie, ridiculous and entirely unscientific notion that he came up with was the concept of "pseudo-addiction", which simply states that any aberrant drug behavior, no matter how extreme, can be explained by the patient's need for greater pain control, even at outrageously high dosages. We know that this is not a scientific hypothesis, because it is unfalsifiable in principle. There is no set of imaginable circumstances that would cause believers in this tautology to abandon it. Because it is literally untestable against the much more parsimonious hypothesis of drug abuse and Frank addiction, there has been to experimental or correlational research on pseudo-addiction. All we get is the literary incest of every pop-psychology self-help tome citing each other for supposed support of this dangerously misguided concept. Here are just a few of the activities that believers in pseudo-addiction very earnestly assert fall under pseudo-addiction rather than drug abuse and real addiction: Stealing MD prescription pads, forging prescriptions, repeatedly "losing" their precious pills, multiple robberies and burglaries of pills, animals eating all the pills (the MD should demand the kitty or doggie corpse), dropping the prescription down the toilet, breaking the unbreakable bottle of Stadol NS, running out very early, demanding to be switched to a different strong opioid, without returning the hundred-plus pills that should be left of the previous script, demanding breakthrough opioids, despite huge long-term dosages, offering money or sexual favors for opioids, calling late on Fridays or on the weekend for refills, crying, threatening, raging, or using other emotional manipulation, telling the doctor over and over how great he/she is when getting opiates and wishing cancer on the doc when opioids are denied, selling opioids to buy street drugs like heroin, doctor shopping, receiving opioids from multiple providers, exaggerating or lying about illness, injury, pain level, or disability, threatening suicide if not opiated, pretending to not know how to pronounce his/her favorite drugs, having obvious track marks, using street terms for drugs, such as calling Xanax "bars" or Oxycodone "Oxys", showing up to appointments intoxicated on opioids, failing a confirmatory drug test, refusing to submit to random urine toxicity tests and random pill counts, telling the MD that the patient has an absolute right to be treated with high-dose opioids of the patient's choice, firing the MD and then begging to be let back into the practice because "no one else understands me", having relatives and friends of the patient express genuine concern that the patient is massively abusing opioids and may kill his or herself, and on and on and on…You get the point. Even if there were a few genuine cases of "pseudo-addiction", which is very rare if it exists at all, every single one of these red flags points far more strongly at the patient's opioid use turning to abuse, high-seeking, and full addiction, which, not infrequently, climaxes in death from pulmonary suppression. For the good of our patients, we need to regard every act of aberrant opioid use as a potential warning sign for addiction. With ceasing to exist as a real possibility, we don't have the time to live in the fantasy world of pseudo-addiction. Drug seekers are really screaming out for people to help get them off of the utterly ineffective, deadly spiral of chronic opioid use. Despite what this fool (my opinion only) may tell you about "pseudo-addiction, medicine In America has largely discarded that counterproductive, counterintuitive piece of nonsense. The largest, best studies tell us that somewhere around fifty to seventy percent of patients started on chronic opioids will develop serious misuse and addiction issues at some point during medical treatment. Given that opioids do not work even a little for the vast majority of chronic pain patients, that more than a hundred medications, procedures, activities, and alternative treatments are available, and that opioids too often destroy persons, families, and communities and lead to death, there is no reason to put off talking to your prescribing doctor about a very slow tapered detox, perhaps in conjunction with Suboxone or Clonidine. Talk to your most trusted doc, ASAP.

    Posted at 18:24h, 06 December

    Ok, first hand, I AM AN DRUG ADDICT.(FIRST FUCKING TIME IN 20 YEARS I HAVE ACTUALLY SAID IT TO MYSELF)…I am 53 married and i have been abusing Percocets for close to 20 years but A FEW DAYS AGO WAS A LIFE CHANGING EVENT FOR ME……I went to a Addiction Treatment Center and it SAVED MY LIFE!!!.
    I would lie, cheat squirm my way around ER Doctors , Pain Management Doctors like they were children..their smarts were nothing compared to how i could manipulate them. ….. I would get what i want and it was never enough….With the talent of lying I should of been a Golden Globe Winner 20 years running!..Thats how smooth i was in lying to doctors,same doctors who look for drug seeking behaviour, the same physcians who have been taught to spot the con artist . No match for my lying witts!
    yup, i could sell snow and ice to an eskimo in Alaska during a winter snow storm on Christmas eve!..Lying bastard I was!

    I was eating close to 350 pills of oxycodone a month and the number was growing…Yes 350 plus oxycottin pills a month and that was JUST TO FEEL NORMAL ..like an everyday Joe…Now out of those 350 plus pills a month……120 OxyNeo 10mg pure Oxycottin per month plus another 50 percocets(5/325) per month(for the bullshit break through pain i didnt have) were by script from a Reputable Pain Management doctor in my city..as far as the others were from the streets, same guy getting the same stuff for years and years..I spent a shit load of money, and time on this pills.. NOTHING MATTER EXCEPT MY PILLS..NOTHING!

    WELL ON AUGUST 29,2016 I GOT MY LIFE BACK…..i am on a Methadone Treatment PROGRAM

    Your family deserves you back!.
    ..Your wife/girlfriend/husband deserve the person they first fell in love with BACK!
    Your kids need thier dad/mom back, the same dad that loves them…that was their when they were born.
    Your beloved pets,, your loving dog/cat that knows you are not feeling well,

    Everyone Needs You Back…NOW..

    .i beg you, Get to an Addiction Treatment Center asap!

    My story is this…………

    Monday Aug 29/16 morning I was in withdrawls (had no pills i could pop or i would of taken them)….anyhoo….. I decided to contact the Addiction Treatment Center where i live at exactly 8am (thats when they open) and i explained that i wanted to desperately enter the program asap and that i was in withdrawls as we spoke,
    I explained what i was taking and that i was in 2nd day of withdrawls….i was just tired of doing this!!!..(only because my percocet source was out and could not find any)
    Over the phone,.the receptionist got my info, ask me to come in at 10 am…i was there at 9:30am..withdrawls made me think each minute was an hour..So i arrive, people were there, alot of people..I went to reception and told them i had to talk to(**) about getting on the program…I was told to have a seat…I was so scared, in withdrawls, didnt have a fucking clue on what was going to happen…after waiting about 25 minutes. they took me into a room and took an intake form info from me, they got a urine sample to see really what i was on and how much i had in my system…..after that I took a seat in the lobby… then about 20 minutes later I was seeing the doctor… He ask me some more info, took some vitals and by 11am i was on 30 ml of methadone….1/2 hour later NO MORE WITHDRAWLS, NO MORE LIES TO ME, JUST FELT GOOD, LIKE A NORMAL PERSON SHOULD FEEL LIKE…..it took an HOUR AND ONE HALF TO GET IN AND GET OUT…by 12 noon i was at home…..THANK GOD!! and NO WITHDRAWLS….i was actually happy, like a black sheet was removed from my body, I could see clearly and think even more clearly!

    WITHDRAWLS from Percocets would not kill you but guess what you may feel death is better than the withdrawls…i know i have been down that path many times having to withdraw cus my script was not due for another 4 days or my buddy could not find any….


    I keep on spreading the word to anyone who is going through withdrawls:::::GO TO ADDICTION TREATMENT CENTER as soon as you can……THEY WILL HELP, MOST LIKELY as me, THE SAME DAY….HECK…THAT SAME MORNING!!!!!..(less than 2 hours I was not withdrawing )…i am no longer in a self induced coma state from Percocets and Oxycottin!.. I only cared about the pills, everything else was secondary….NOT ANY MORE!

    It feels good not being in a SELFISH SELF INDUCED STATE OF COMA…Life is Beautiful. I lost 20 years to these drugs, I wont let 20 more be lost ever again. I cant change the past but i sure can change the future!

    God Bless!….TODAY IS DAY # 6….CLEAN and HAPPY…so please for the LOVE OF GOD, get the help you deserve, its not your fault, these peoples are evil and addiction is the tool to keep you trapped to eventually die of an overdose or of some other addiction related death.!…I LOVE YOU and I DONT KNOW YOU, i know what your facing because i have been there myself, There is a path to the beautful life you once had and THERE ARE PEOPLE and MEDICATION TO HELP YOU GET THERE AGAIN. ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST, GOD LOVES YOU, YOUR FAMILY LOVES YOU AND I LOVE YOU!

  • Karen Ledbetter
    Posted at 18:24h, 06 December

    Hi I wanted to say I deal with chronic pain and two years ago diagnosed with fibermalalga along with severe depression, after moving slightly over a year ago I'm just now getting treatment for depression taking sequel,tegratol, cymbalta and kelonopen, and into my second month with pain managment, I'm not an addict but I'm two days short of pain medication due to chronic pain but I recently watched a video about fibermalalga. and wondering if this could be part of my problem with pain additionally cymbalta was given to treat it but to no avail, now I'm stressed out about my appointment because last month I was short the same amount of days how can I exsplian this with my doctor, I feel overwhelmed

  • DrStephen Grinstead
    Posted at 18:24h, 06 December

    Hi Goldy Lover, I disagree that no one ever does anything as since 1996 I've educated over 30,000 healthcare providers about this travisty. Unfortunately, I've been unable to reach many other ones that need this message. This coming year I hope to reach many more people. Onward & Upward, Steve G.

  • Goldy Lover
    Posted at 18:24h, 06 December

    all people do is talk about this..no one ever does anything about the fact that people in honest to goodness pain are mistreated and made to suffer