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The Myths of the Shark! - Healthy Tips
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The Myths of the Shark!

The Myths of the Shark!


Shark, now there is certainly a title to strike dread into any new diver. If you have at any time been lucky plenty of to have observed a shark on a dive if you have at any time witnessed 1 of natures’ certainly marvellous creations, if a shark has at any time entered your array of visibility underwater, then you will know, that no make a difference what else you may well have been looking at that moment, is overlooked and the shark normally takes precedence.

On most dive boats all-around the planet the most well-known problem is Are there any sharks? The common community have a dread, also respect (which no doubt arrives from dread) and normally a total misunderstanding about these amazing fish.

Thanks mainly to wrong press reviews, Hollywood images, publications and hear-say Rather potentially this unfounded information and facts has contributed to pretty much the absolutely annihilation of several species of Shark. It is approximated that all-around 70 million sharks are captured and killed yearly, Not just for food stuff ( which contains the delicacy shark fin soup, which we will occur back to) but as by-capture by fishermen trawling for other fish. Also, like the seemingly satisfied-go-lucky Dolphins which get caught up in Tuna nets, sharks get trapped and drown much too. Sharks are exceptionally susceptible to above fishing thanks the reality they can get up to and above seven many years to achieve sexual maturity and do not give beginning to hundreds of offspring like most other fish do. Numerous species are now threatened and some are on the World wide ICUN Crimson List, they consist of The Blue Shark, Lengthy Fin Mako, Terrific White Shark, Salmon Shark, Megamouth, Significant eyed Sand-tiger and Crocodile Shark. Other sharks which uncover on their own on the endangered record are The Shorter Fin Mako, Thresher, Porbeagle and Silky shark are also in a genuine hazard of extinction.

Shark fin soup:

Just one of the principal factors Sharks populations have been decimated in current many years is the appetite for the Chinese delicacy Shark Fin Soup. This dish is observed as a standing image by wealthy Chinese and as China grows economically, the lust to establish one’s riches grows. This development has observed an at any time growing decrease in Shark stocks. Shark Fin Soup is deemed advantageous to the wellness in several Asian international locations. Also it is thought to avoid cancer, and be an aphrodisiac, even though there is no scientific evidence of these statements. The way the sharks are captured and have their fins removed with a red incredibly hot blade and then thrown back into the sea, nevertheless alive, but not able to move and subsequently endure an awful loss of life, has experienced several professing that this apply is illegal and barbaric. On the other hand the trade in Shark fin is very financially rewarding with some fins getting sold for something up to $five hundred. With this in brain there would seem to be no finish in sight for this at any time growing disaster.

The Supreme Apex Predator:

Sharks have been all-around for above three hundred million many years The fashionable shark(s) that now patrol the Oceans are really evolved and have been unchanged for above 1 hundred million many years. Human beings on the other hand have been all-around for minimal above 1 hundred thousand many years and we are nevertheless evolving. Sharks are fish, and have minimal or no bone what-so-at any time. Their skeleton consists of cartilage, related to the top portion of the human ear or nose.

There are above three hundred and sixty various form of sharks, (not including Rays, Skates and Chimaeras which are a relative, getting cartilaginous fish). Just one of the smallest getting the Pygmy shark which is no much more than 20 centimetres in length to the greatest fish in the planet the Whale-shark, which can achieve staggering 12 metres. The whale shark is in all probability the most sought right after fish in the planet, by divers that is. Individuals spend thousands of pounds a yr on the off possibility of viewing this superb animal, which is absolutely harmless. Properly unless of course you are unfortunate plenty of or daft plenty of to get hit by its tail fin as it cruises by means of the h2o, filtering small plankton, its staple food plan.

In reality Eighty per cent of sharks are absolutely harmless less than a metre in length and consume modest fishes, crustaceans and invertebrates. Out of all the species of sharks there are only many forms that are identified to have attacked and killed man Which include the most popular of all, The Terrific White Shark The Tiger Shark, with distinctive tiger stripes down its aspect The Bull Shark, which is 1 of only two sharks that can swim up river. This species has the infamous title of the most aggressive of all sharks, potentially for its capacity to swim in clean h2o, exactly where it is much more most likely to occur into call with humans. On celebration Terrific Hammerheads, Oceanic white strategies, and Shorter fin Mako’s (the fastest of all the sharks) have attacked human but these assaults are rare. A Shark will only assault if threatened or hungry. Human beings are not on the menu unless of course we are mistaken for their all-natural food stuff, in particular in murky h2o or on the floor exactly where the Shark can only see shadows. Sharks frequently bump or poke their prey with their fins or snout just before an all out assault. Some Surfers will attest to this.


Each year noted, globally there are about seventy shark assaults a yr with about 5 or 6 getting fatal. There has never ever when been a report of any shark assault on a Scuba diver that has not been provoked or portion of a shark feeding dive. Nearly 200 people today every yr die from getting struck by lightning 600 people today a yr just slipping out of bed two,800 die every yr from choking there are 40,000 that die every yr from snake bites. In reality you are much more most likely to endure fatal personal injury from a bee sting. The studies on road vacation can not even be in contrast. Even although travelling by plane, you are much more most likely to occur a cropper than on any dive.

Points of interest:

Sharks are 1 of the most significant sights in diving, even even bigger than the Anemone clown fish (NEMO). The thriller, the electrical power, the phenomenon that is epitome of the word shark. The dread, the respect, the curiosity that these creatures command, is certainly awe inspiring. No matter whether you get your divers on a reef to see the Black Suggestion or the White Suggestion reef shark, if they are lucky plenty of to see the Swish Leopard shark. There may well be the bullish behavior of the Silvertip or Gray Reef sharks that you may well be lucky to see. Individuals flock in their thousands to see Hammerheads in The Crimson Sea. Turning into much more and much more well-known by the yr are the Galapagos Islands which have a wealthy maritime lifetime including a huge and diverse inhabitants of Sharks. Also the at any time growing in popularity of Coco’s Islands, which havesome of the most effective Shark dives on the Planet. Then there is The Whale-Sharks of Ningaloo Reef, The Terrific Whites in South Africa, there is at minimum sixteen species of Shark all-around Tahiti (French Polynesia). The waters all-around Thailand are to several various species much too, including, The Whale-shark, Black Suggestion, White Suggestion, Gray Reef, Leopard and nurse sharks to title a several. Although, you do not have to go to the finishes of the earth for excellent Shark dives, They populate each sea and ocean all-around the planet. Even the waters all-around the United kingdom household or have standard visits by up to 20 1 various species of Shark all through the yr. Up and down the country several dive functions offer you trips to notice the large Basking Shark (2nd only in size to the Whale shark).


Numerous Scuba divers will respect the have to have for motion, but what can be performed? Instructors and Divemasters alike can help if only by talking about this difficulty with their consumers and college students. Numerous people today in the common community will not recognize the magnitude of the Sharks plight , the much more that comprehend the better the probabilities of conserving the sharks. There are several shark charities including www.sharktrust.org which is a founding member of the www.sharkalliance .org which is a coalition of non governing administration companies that are trying to convey to light this large environmental situation and to pressurize governments. Also Project Knowledgeable are enjoying a large job in several strategies to help the sharks. Examine out these websites to uncover out much more, what can be performed and how you can help. Lets hope there is huge outcry like that of conserve the whale campaigners of the seventies. It really is very correct that we know very minimal about Sharks and however nevertheless it’s possible there are much more Sharks in the abyss waiting to be found out. Only as not long ago as 1976 was the Megamouth found out in Hawaii, United states. If we are to conserve these superb, majestic, mysterious and beautifully evolved creatures. It would seem, ‘act now just before it can be much too late,’ is the plan.


If you are a to start with time diver and are fearful about finding in the h2o for a dread of sharks. Properly, you are much more most likely to crash the automobile on the way to the airport and even if your plane lands safely and securely and you do not get stung by a bee on the way to your hotel and in the morning assuming you did not tumble out of bed, and, if then on the way to the dive boat you avoided getting bitten by snake and getting struck by lightning, then you should be very harmless to dive.

By Jason Butler

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