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Tips to Dispose of Hiccups

Tips to Dispose of Hiccups

Hiccups is a reflex action of the body by which the body protects itself. Hiccups are short, sharp and very sudden breaths of air which happen when our breathing muscles jerks, making us gasp. While inhaling air, the diaphragm, located between the chest and the stomach, goes down and presses the stomach due to which the lungs are filled with air. While exhaling air, the diaphragm goes up and the air comes out from the lungs.

According to medical experts, it isn’t clear what triggers hiccups, though there are many conditions people commonly associate with causing them. Eating too fast, swallowing air and drinking too much are all suspect. Some doctors believe that when the stomach becomes distended from too much food or drink it might irritate the adjacent diaphragm, leading to hiccups.

Another popular method, especially with cases of hiccups in youngsters, is this: If you’ve got either peanut butter or sugar on hand (and are not allergic to peanuts or diabetic), try eating a heaping teaspoon full.

Drink a glass of water in one sitting. While the water itself probably won’t get rid of your hiccups, the act of drinking (like holding your breath) will change, or temporarily stop, your normal breathing pattern and disrupt the pattern of diaphragm spasms, or hiccups. If you do this for long enough, the hiccups should go away.

Breathing is one of the things that your body does without you having to think about it. The brain sends messages along the phrenic nerve to the diaphragm. The muscle contracts, which makes your lungs fill with the air that comes into your body through your mouth or nose.

This is an extended version of the first tip. If I can actually accomplish the task, it never fails to work; however, it is quite difficult, and I tend to start hiccupping in the middle of it. Fist, take in a shallow breath, and hold it until you feel like you can’t hold anymore. Now, without blowing the breath out, take in another small breath. Repeat this until your lungs are full, and then blow all of the air out. It takes over a half a minute to do this.

Hiccups are in your head, but because you may be slightly inebriated, your concentration may be a little dulled. That’s why the breathing needs to be incorporated. Plus, you’re already drunk, so you probably won’t look all that silly by doing this anyway.

The main causes for these irritations are relatively familiar as well: eating spicy foods or eating too quickly, drinking too much, continuous laughing, coughing, crying out loud, or being pregnant.

You can try holding your breath. Pinch the end of your nose and close your mouth so you can’t breath in or out.

Often, hiccups will abate on their own within a few minutes. Occasionally, they may last for several days or even weeks. When this happens, the hiccups usually signal a more serious medical condition. Irritations of the throat or stomach, such as acid reflux, may trigger hiccups. In severe cases, recurrent hiccups may be a symptom of pneumonia, kidney failure, or even esophageal cancer.

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