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Penis Enlargement – The Benefits of Traction Wrapping for Faster Penis Growth

Penis Enlargement – The Benefits of Traction Wrapping for Faster Penis Growth

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If you are interested in looking into penis enlargement, then you might have heard of traction wrapping at one point or another. In case you haven’t, though, traction wrapping basically refers to the act of stretching the penis and then comfortably wrapping it, so as to prevent retraction. To find out how traction wrapping can help with faster penis enlargement after doing penile exercises, read on.

Generally speaking, traction wrapping is a common procedure for penis enlargement maintenance. In fact, it is known to be a great way to prevent penis retraction after doing penile exercises. The general concept is pretty simple, too: just keep your manhood extended for as long as you can without hurting it or yourself in the process.

Why should you look into traction wrapping to help with penis enlargement? Well, if you think about it, you go through a lot of things when trying to lengthen your penile tissues beyond their regular states of rest. See, your body happens to be prone to homeostasis, which means that any changes made to it will want to go back to the way they were. This is really a form of protection that will prevent us from over-stretching our earlobes and noses and upturning our eyelids. However, this tendency could be bad news if you are hoping to succeed in the world of penis enlargement.

This is where traction wrapping comes in. By applying stimuli for a certain period of time, you can actually make your body compensate. In other words, you can use traction wrapping to make your body compensate through longer penile tissues and, in turn, a longer penis.

Most of the time, traction wrapping works best during cementing routines, decondition breaks and post-hanging maintenance, though. Either way, it comes with a lot of benefits. For starters, it isn’t noticeable under clothes. Secondly, it is generally very comfortable as long as it is done right. And lastly, it prevents turtling after penile exercises. While traction wrapping won’t be enough on its own for penile growth, It can be exceedingly helpful at keeping the penile tissues elongated after good hanging or stretching routines.

While there are various different materials out there that you can use for your wraps, most men prefer to use self-adhesive sports bandages. These wraps can be used for a few days and then washed as needed. Once the adhesives start to wear off or lose their stretchiness, though, you will have to toss out your wrap and get a new one. The good news is that an entire roll of these bandages can last up to a month or two.

To wrap your penis properly, simply cut out as much wrap as you need and then, while flaccid, grab your glans and stretch out your manhood as far as you can. After that, take the first end of your wrap and put the outer edge behind your glans. Hold it it in place there. Then, wrap around three turns behind your glans and work your way along your penile shaft, wrapping for as far as you can before securing the other end onto it.

Aside from regular penis enlargement, traction wrapping is actually very effective when it comes to glans enlargement, as well. To work on this, simply do some kegel exercises to push more blood into your glans while you wrap up your manhood. Generally speaking, the wrap will work like a tourniquet to keep everything down there engorged, thus sending more blood into your penis and making it feel like it might burst. Hopefully, you will find this bit of information useful on your journey to a bigger and longer penis!

By Johnson Li

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